The Dark Forsaken

Friday, October 27, 2006

Well hello stranger

Wow, it's already been almost 10 months?? Geez. I guess I could just shed some light on what has been going on these last 10 months haha!

Yup, hit 60, was a long and fun road. I pushed up through the 40's and 50's at a pretty slow pace just PvPing and enjoying myself. I also made the long fun trip of getting exulted with the Trolls to get my Raptor mount, and I'm now on top of my Orange Epic Raptor:) I made it to 57 then took some time off for some personal things, then I came back to WoW to play with some friends, and made a 40 Human Pali on the server Balnazzar. Well, I got sick of the pali and missed my rogue, so I deleted him and came back to Tol. Leveled him to 60 all quick like and haven't looked back!

I've made it through ZG, AQ20, Molten Core, Ony and started in on BWL. If you want you can check out my CT Profile here:

I'm now mostly just PvPing and having fun til the expansion comes out. I'm a freshman in college now so I have time to kill, but its hard being in a hardcore raiding guild because college is insane and its hard to know when I will and won't be available=)

I got up to Centurion a little bit ago, then started college and dropped to Legionaire, but I'm starting to push back again. I'm in a mostly PvP guild and they are doing light PvE now too so I still get some PvE in every now and then. I want to hit rank 10 and grab my PvP set because I've always liked the look of the Horde Rogue set.

More to come later when I have time to kill and my dorm connection is so bad I cant pvp:(


Tuesday, January 10, 2006

He's back! err... sort of :/

Well, what I mean by that is, meet Tolaknahs! AHAHA! That's right folk's, they made me change it again! Lmao

I was so mad when I logged on and was asked to change my name! I mean, come on! They are seriously going to be THAT picky, and say that Shaankalot is unexceptible!? OMG, I was mad. I wrote a long ass letter to blizz, telling them that sure, I could understand changing Shankalot, but to get picky and change Shaankalot?? Just stupid.

I basically BS'd my way through 3 paragraphs of, bla bla bla, I already had to change my name once, bla bla, it is of Aurthorian decent, like the names Lancealot and Camalot (I know, but it was worth a shot!), but I basically got back the usual, lengthy reply about how they know I am upset, and there is nothing they can do about it. Pff

So, my name is now Tolaknahs... for those of you who don't notice, that is Shankalot backwards, lol.

In other news, I am halfway through 37 right now, and after a very GREAT christmas, I'm killing my way through lvls, haha.

I got a 2month free game card from my girlfriend (funny how she said she would not buy me anything to do with WoW, hahaha) and my brother spent a wopping 100$ buying me gold, HAHA! Funny thing is, he doesn't play WoW, so he thought my name was Shaankalot when he bought it for me, and it had already been changed to Tolaknahs when they tried to deliver it! LOL! So I almost didn't get it, but he convinced them that he made a mistake, and I got freaking 1000g a few days after christmas. I'm kind of in aww still... even though I only have about 300g left (bought 2 Gut Rippers and some armor, lol). Is this considered cheating?? Was I just sposed to turn it down? Lol, well I can tell you, I sure didn't, but I do kinda feel gay when I'm waisting people in PvP at lvl 47 when they are lvl 49. I just keep thinking, this really isn't all me, it's my daggers and new armor, but I must admit, it is fun. I hope everyone feels the way I do, even worse when they go out there and spend a shit load of money buying new stuff, and then the lay waste to everyone their lvl, it's not them, it's the money! But O'well, I will just save this gold, and use it as a nice *little* head start to an epic mount:P

I will get a picture up of Tolak with the new daggers soon. Vamanos!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Wow, What a crazy last 3 days!

Long story short:

Just like that:) I wanted 40 so bad! Its like, the midway point between just starting your toon, and not knowing if you are going to like the way things are going, if you are going to reroll, if you will switch servers. When you hit 40, you know, I like whats going on, I'm guoing to stick it out, see my toon to 60, make something out of him:P

I started off in STV doing some questing with AOD_Zetuhn for a while, then with AOD_Klipso for the rest of my time in STV at lvl 36 and 37. It went by pretty fast, finishing up 36 and halfway through 37 on friday night. We had a half day from school, so I got some extra playing in:)

Then, saturday morning (I'm talking like 1am to 5 am), I got some advice from AOD_Bashin. He said he really isnt the type to grind lvls, but prefers to quest real hard to get his lvls. I've always heard, bla bla bla, grinding is the only way to lvl fast, bla bla bla, and I almost started to believe it again when I hit 35 and wanted to get to 40 and get my mount. And at lvl 37, I was back to it, just grinding away, BORING! So Bashin, who jumped from my lvl of low 30's about a week ago, to 47 in a flash, said I needed to do some quest grinding.

So, he pointed me in the direction of Swamp of Sorrows, Desolace, and Arathi Highlands so I could get some quests that were a few lvls lower than me. I tried it out, and bam, 38 in now time, and it was actually FUN! Yes, you heard me, lvling was FUN! haha. I got to get some of the story in from WoW, I got some nice quest rewards, and I also got to get into small groups with people to finish things out. It was also nice to search things out, get some good xp from killing what I needed, then turning it in for that 2000 to 3000 reward:)

So the entire 38th, I did quests in Desolace (a short trip to Swamp of Sorrows told me it's not the place for me, lol) and headed over to Arathi Highlands when I got to 39 on saturday night. Before I went to bed, I was 1 bar into 39 on Saturday/Sunday morning.

Sunday went about the same, I finished up some quests in Arathi Highlands, then after a short stint in Stromgrarde Keep (you will hear more about this later), and a REAL quick BG where we waisted the Alliance 3 to 0, I was off to STV to finish out the better part of 39 with a few quests I had sitting around. With 4 bars to go, I did this LONG quest where I had to get some Feathers from the Raptors just south of Grom. The long part, was there were honestly 5 other alliance rogues doing it also. So, for a good 2 hours, I would sneek up on a rogue, kill him when he is almost done killing the beast, then kill the beast to and take the feather! LOL! I know I know, that is like the lowest thing I could have done, but I had to! I WAS DESPERATE! 40 was right there, and that quest was going to push me over the top!

So after finishing up that quest, getting about I think it was 19 or 20 hk's, and doing a quick grind on some Gorillas west of Grom, I hit my forty:) One problem, I only have 53 gold! :( NOOOOOOOOOOOO

Something had to be done!

AOD_Massive: I love you.

Thats right folks! Shaankalot is a mounted man! MUAHAHA. FINALLY. I have hated just running everywhere I went. It felt so SLOW after having a mount for so long. lol. 1 bar into 40, and I was done for the night. Now that I have my mount, I think its time to up my Herbalism and Potions:)

And on a quick side note:

I stealthed my way into Stromgrarde Keep in Arathi Highlands to check it out, and this is what I found.

A 37 Palidan, 40 warrior, 41 warrior, and 42 rogue camping the boss guy at the top! HAHA! Losers just killed him over and over again.

I ask myself, can I let this happen? No one can do their quests! Well, something has to be done!

Well, I almost got it done:*(

I waited til they attacked the boss guy, and he also had 2 gaurd guys spawn with him. About halfway through the fight, I jump the Pali. BAM. 750 crit ambush, 520 crit backstab, he is GONE. BAM, I start in on the 40 warrior before he knows whats going on, takes me 2 or 3 SS's and an Eviserate, he is gone! I turn to the 41 warrior, and he is on me while the boss guy (only one who is left, his gaurds are dead) is on the rogue. I battle it out with the 40, me a 39. After a little fight, I take him down, me and half health by now. The rogue then turns to me.

Uh oh, 42 rogue with half health vs. me with half health... hmmm. Well, it held my own. He got me down to about 100 health, while he was still at a little lower than half health due to some misses on my part. Luckly I get a good blind in on him, and I bandage up to 3/4ths my health, I get him right down to the wire!!! Before he crits me on an eviserate and lays me down:*( Sadly as I watched, nothing spawned to finish him off like I had hoped, but it was still fun! 3 hk's were worth it:)

Would have been sweet if I killed him before he downed the boss, and then I finished out the boss and got my quest done too, but that would have been just to much luck:P

OH, and can't forget about this beauty from Razorfene Downs!

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Lets just say, I will be glad when this week is over. Between trying to get my grades up, finishing up my senior project, and completing chemistry advanced labs before Christmas break, I have gotten about 2 hours of WoW at the MOST, lol!

I have actually been playing a bit of Battlefield 2 this week, monstly just while I'm taking a break from writing or doing lab reports, lol. It's nice to just get some run and gun FPS in between homework, and I can't just play WoW for a quick 30 minutes, so BF2 gets the job done. I'm glad though that I'm actually getting some use out of the $50 that I put down on BF2, haha.

Shaankalot is sitting at halfway through 36 in STV. He got a little bit of play last night at about 11 pacific time, just before I called it a night. Me and AOD_Zetuhn (39 Tauren shammy) did a little bit of questing for some raptors and panthers, but I swear, the hardest part of the night was just turning in the quests. Nessingways Expidition (sp?) was just crawling with alliance. About 4-8 at any given time, from lvls 30-42, so it was basically, run in when someone else is getting killed, turn in the quest, and then run or get killed, lol. We picked off a few, ending up with about 15 HK's for the night, but it was a bummer when all we wanted to do was quest.

Hopefully when break comes up after this friday, I will get some good lvling in, and get my mount for a nice lil christmas present to myself! :P

Friday, December 09, 2005

I've hit the magic number, 35. What does that mean? Time to save.

Yup, half way through 30, so gotta start saving up for the mount. I'm currently at 8g, so I've got a ways to go. Well, maybe not just a ways, haha, 82g to go! It's gunna be tough to. It's so hard not to buy new weapons and armour! Last night when I hit 35 I swear I sat there for 5 minutes contemplating whether or not I should buy this 1 handed sword. I'm like, it's only 2g... thats nothing! But I know that it will add up fast, and I need to start saving now that I hit 35, because I said I would!

I made the mistake of not saving til 38 last time around, and that was a mistake. 40 hit, and I was 15g away, haha. I send a good 3 or 4 hours ginding and grinding and skinning and skinning, trying to get my last gold.

This time, I'm going to be prepared. So, no buying ANYTHING til 40. Yup, not one thing. No weapons or armour, not even herbs or vials, nothin. Yeah, it's gunna suck, but hopefully it will push me to get to 40 faster. That way I can cruise around on my sweet mount, muahaha.

Though I haven't been doing any instances or raids lately, I've actually still been having lost of fun. I've been hitting up quest after quest in STV, and 35 only took 2 days of questing.

Hopefully I will find more time for some instances and raids in the next 5 lvls, then I will take some sweet pictures for your viewing pleasures:)

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I'd just like to start off with a little dingage...

I stayed on 29 and just played BG for the longest time. I don't think I started questing til I have full rest xp for lvl 29, and I had half of 29 filled with xp from turning in BG awards, haha.

Right now I'm downloading the tuesday update, so I havent gotten to see what my new rank is yet, but I hope I made it to the next rank with all the HK's I was getting.

I think this is the most fun I have been having on WoW in a few months +. I have only been getting xp from questing by myself, with friends and guildies, or with complete strangers. It has been lots of fun kicking down multiple quests at a time with another person there to help, especially if they are on Vent with you and you can just talk while you smash through the xp.

Here is me and a friend cannibalizing a semi-boss by Southshore. It wasn't an isntance, but it had some sweet lvl 30 elite dwarfs that we made short work of:) Somthing about getting some guys sword back, haha, who knows:)

Well, as I type this, the update is finishing up, I'm gunna get on and game for a few, then off to laid back, easy as hell school, because being a senior kicks ass, hahaha